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Coastal Design Connections, LLC

Your green flooring connection in Savannah, GA

Looking for a flooring product that is ECO FRIENDLY?  Almost everything is available these days.....from carpet that is made from plastic bottles, or carpet that can be recycled over and over again, to tile that is made from recycled glass, to bamboo wood.  The styles and colors have come a long way from years ago when going "GREEN" was just becoming popular.  What is most important when choosing a "green" flooring product is where it's going.  Commercial or residential, high traffic area, or near a water source in the home?  Decisions need to be made as to the durability and function of the product, the look you are trying to achieve, and the care that goes along with it.  Sometimes there are factors that really make you want to go GREEN.  You decide.  Here are some products that are available at Coastal Design Connections.  

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