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A Single Bag

Fundraising for schools and organizations

A Single Bag is excited to introduce our Reusable Bag fundraiser. The fundraiser offers us an opportunity to increase the awareness of reusable bags and their impact on the environment. It also gives us a way to help schools and community organizations earn some "green" while helping their communities and neighborhoods "go green".

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Be Out There™

National Wildlife Federation

Be Out ThereTM - the National Wildlife Federation's initiative to inspire families across America to open the door and get outside! A daily dose of the outdoors improves children's physical, mental and emotional well-being. Join the Be Out There movement to get children outside, connecting to nature. The benefits of outdoor play are real: healthier kids with a life-long appreciation of wildlife and nature.

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Center for Ecoliteracy

dedicated to education for sustainable living

The Center for Ecoliteracy is dedicated to education for sustainable living.

We provide information, inspiration, and support to the vital movement of K-12 educators, parents, and other members of the school community who are helping young people gain the knowledge, skills, and values essential to sustainable living.

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Earthday Network Educators Network

Bring environmental education to our schools

Welcome! Click here to access our award-winning Educators' Network! There you can find over 300 standard-based lessons, school greening tips, grants for teachers and more than 25,000 teachers to share ideas with

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Elf Island

The only virtual world that allows kids to Play Games, Do Good.

Kids have the power to change the world - all while having fun! All they need is the proper motivation, the correct tools and the opportunity to do Good.

Leading an emerging category of online games and coined Gaming for Good,TM Elf Island weaves real world non-profit projects into a lush, interactive virtual environment through entertaining game play, social interaction and storytelling to encourage the power of fun.

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Energy Star for Kids

Become an Energy Star!

Find out what you can do to make a difference!

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Environmental Kids Club

EPA Environmental Resources for Kids, Teens, and Teachers

Do you want to make the earth a cleaner place to live? How can you help to protect the air, water, and land? Find out here!

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Journey North

Global study of wildlife migration

Journey North engages students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. K-12 students share their own field observations with classmates across North America.

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MPC Natural Resources Kids and Teachers Page


Sustainable Table

Educational & School Resources

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. Over the last 20 years, the number of overweight children in the U.S. has increased more than 50 percent. These children are at risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other serious health problems.

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The Meatrix

educating viewers about the problems with factory farming

When The Meatrix (http://www.themeatrix.com/) launched in November 2003, the viral film broke new ground in online grassroots advocacy, creating a unique vehicle by which to educate, entertain and motivate people to create change. The Meatrix has been translated into more than 30 languages and is now the most successful online advocacy film ever with well over 15 million viewers worldwide.

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The O'Mama Report


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