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Recycling in Savannah

Southern Enviro Solutions (SES Biofuels)

Waste Veg Oil => Biodiesel

Southern Enviro Solutions was established in September 2008, in Savannah, Georgia to help fill the demand for providing quality, alternative diesel fuel to our local economy. Southern Enviro Solutions, LLC incorporates innovative technology in the manufacturing process to supply an energy solution that will benefit society as a whole. Our objective is to manufacture and sell biodiesel at a reduced price for the locally owned and operated businesses in and around Savannah.  We strive to be a completely "GREEN" industry from the beginning of the process to the end to decrease our effects on the environment one step at a time. 

Top 5 reasons your restaurant should do business with SES

1) SES pays the highest fixed rate for your spent oil
2) SES keeps everything local, creating jobs, saving local businesses money, and improving air quality locally
3) SES can provide smaller or larger containers based on a restaurants needs and preferences
4) SES responds to issues same day
5) SES does all its own collections, processing, and fuel distributions making sure everything is done right from beginning to end

 Now you're convinced, but need your current service cancelled and the old container removed.

No problem.  Let SES handle your dirty work.  SES provides letter of cancellation to your current onsite provider and coordinates removal of their container within 15 days.

For more information and to contact us please visit our website

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